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Swirly Decorated Chocolate Eggs By Lish Concepts

Swirly Decorated Chocolate Eggs By Lish Concepts

Despite having been brought up in London and lived there for a long time, BC (before children) it now feels a bit of a treat to take a trip to the ‘Smoke’.  To be honest I don’t need much of an excuse, but an invitation from Achica to an easter egg decorating morning at my favourite chocolatier, Rococo, was a must.

I first discovered Rococo when I was still at St Martins; working part time for a designer, who sent me out to Chantal Coady’s first shop in the Kings Road to buy gifts for his friends.  Beautifully packaged in clever constructed boxes, printed with vintage chocolate moulds, all carefully thought out by textile designer Chantal.

Rococo Vintage Chocolate Mould Logo

Rococo Vintage Chocolate Mould Logo

The chocolates are no less clever, using best quality cocoa beans and irresistibly  original flavour combinations, these are luxury chocolates with a warm, silky, sensuous character.  Julie, from Rococo, guided us through a chocolate tasting (life’s hard chez Glam) and then took us downstairs to the Chocolate School.  Where, despite being surrounded by glossy half easter eggs, I was drawn to the constantly gushing tap of melted chocolate, coming from the machine in the corner.

Continually Gushing Chocolate Tap At Rococo Chocolates

Continually Gushing Chocolate Tap At Rococo Chocolates

Seated at a marble topped table, each of us was given four half eggs, a bowl of melted chocolate, a chocolate filled piping bag and more dragees, flakes, pearls and metallic dust than any girl needs to satisfy a chocolate fantasy.  Like a team of toddlers at nursery we stuck, styled, drizzled and  draped our eggs in all the wonderful confections. After which we were shown how to glue the eggs together (with yet more melted chocolate) stick them to a little gold square and cello wrap them ready and ribboned for gifts.

Like A Team Of Toddlers Sticking, Styling, Drizzling And Draping Our Eggs

Like A Team Of Toddlers Sticking, Styling, Drizzling And Draping Our Eggs

This was a wonderful morning and I’m very grateful to Achica for inviting me.  Having handed over my eggs to the Glam Teens and the wonderful salted caramel filled gulls eggs to Mr Glam.  I decided to try out my new skills making chocolate disks, decorated with items I already had in the cupboard – fudge, chopped pistachios, semi dried cranberries and almonds.  I used Rococo Valrhona cooking chocolate – available on line.

Hand Decorated Chocolate Disks

Hand Decorated Chocolate Discs

Decorated Chocolate Discs

  • 300g good quality milk or dark chocolate
  • 300g good quality white chocolate
  • A selection of nuts, dried fruit and fudge
  • Edible iridescent glitter


  • Using a cookie cutter or jar lid as a guide, draw 10 – 15 circles on a piece of baking parchment
  • The chocolate will make about 15 discs in each colour depending on how thick you make the chocolate when you form the shapes.
  • Melt the milk chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.  Be very careful to keep any splashes of water away from the chocolate. ( If the chocolate gets either too hot or wet it will seize and turn grainy and impossible to shape.)
  • Once the chocolate has melted turn over the parchment so that you can see your drawn circle outlines through the paper.  You don’t want to get pencil on the chocolate, particularly the white chocolate.  Believe me it does show!
  • Using a teaspoon, spoon some of the chocolate onto the first circle and coax it into shape on the paper with the back of the spoon.  Add more chocolate a bit at a time if necessary.
  • Using your decorations – nuts, dried fruit, fudge etc, decorate the shape and repeat –  One disc at a time.
  • Set aside some of the chocolate to use as decoration on the white chocolate circles.
  • Repeat the entire process with the white chocolate.
  • Once the circles are decorated you can add to the decoration by piping chocolate over the nuts or fruit. Use a disposable piping bag and snip off the end to give a very small hole.
  • If you are feathering use a cocktail stick to drag the chocolate colours across each other.
Pistachio And Fudge Topped Chocolate Disks, Drizzled With Dark Chocolate

Pistachio And Fudge Topped Chocolate Disks, Drizzled With Dark Chocolate


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    this course must have been absolutely gorgeous for any serious chocolatier!
    Delicious job my friend, your eggs look lovely!


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