In My Kitchen – September 2013

Granite Pestle And Mortar

Granite Pestle And Mortar

I’ve been reading In My Kitchen on other peoples blogs for some time, but I’ve never taken part before in this fun, monthly mooch around kitchen’s worldwide.

Welcome to The Glam Kitchen.  There are times when only manual will do, Thai curry pastes and perfect pesto, the pounding of the mortar really does do a much better job than a food processor.

Kenwood Chef Mixer

Kenwood Chef Mixer

Then there are times when the full gamut of my Kenwood Chef and all it’s lock-on gadgets are needed.  I’ve always had an understanding with Mr Glam that household items don’t count as gifts.  This was the only exception.  I love it!

Making Tea And Coffee

Making Tea And Coffee

Although the counter tops are wood and the tiles and floors are stone, I do like stainless steel in the kitchen.  This is our tea and coffee station, clean, clear and close to the bin.

Embroidered, Applique Chickens

Embroidered, Applique Chickens

I really don’t like wall cupboards despite the practicality of them. So, when we renovated we needed pictures to cover all that wall space.  These chickens are perfect for the kitchen.

Vintage Canteen Sign

Vintage Canteen Sign

Bought from Homebarn last year, this vintage sign made me smile, it’s perfect for a house where we feed a constant stream of Glam Teens.

Fabulous Flavoured Olive Oils
Fabulous Flavoured Olive Oils

These fabulous olive oils were given to me by my dear friend for my birthday.  There’s a temptation to keep them, but wonderful ingredients like these are made for consuming. And fast!

William Sonoma Dry Rub Tins

William Sonoma Dry Rub Tins

I’ve mentioned these fabulous decorative tins before.  Williams Sonoma, in The States, can always be relied for decorative kitchen items, the rubs in these containers were really tasty and different.

My Everyday Olive Oils

My Everyday Olive Oils

Finally, my everyday ingredients, Light olive oil for frying and general cooking.  Extra virgin for the tasty olive addition to a recipe and focaccia bread.  And truffle oil for risotto, the ultimate comfort food.

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34 Responses to In My Kitchen – September 2013

  1. I’m really short and I’ve toyed with the idea of no upper cabinets but I’d never seen a kitchen I liked til yours. I like your tea and coffee station and being next to the bin is always important!

  2. It was so gorgeous to get a glimpse into your kitchen GG! :D

  3. Love snooping in other people’s kitchens!

  4. Oh what a wonderful assortment of goodies, you have! Love those chooks! : )

  5. Gosh, this makes me miss having my kitchen. I designed it so that it was perfect for me. I love you little chicken art and also the flavoured olive oils–I love that stuff. If you havent already tried it, you must try lemon oil, its do die for for dipping bread in or flavouring pasta, or on toast with ricotta… :)
    *kisses* Heavenly

    • GG says:

      Lemon oil sounds delicious. I used to bring back lots of flavoured dipping oils from The States when I travelled for work. I loved them. Lemon oil on toast with ricotta sounds really good. GG xxx

  6. Krista says:

    Those olive oils look absolutely marvelous. :-) And I love the idea of a separate coffee station. I’m definitely going to keep my eye open for a butcher block table to serve that purpose. :-)

  7. Loving the vintage look of your kitchen GG!! Thanks for sharing

  8. Ameena says:

    I love your kitchen! So inviting…so clean and minimal. You would be sad to see my kitchen. It’s totally empty!

  9. Totally Glam – I would expect nothing less :)

  10. Erika says:

    Lovely kitchen! I have my eye on a Kenwood Chef just like yours :)

    • GG says:

      I love my Kenwood chef, never thought I’d be one of those cooks that bangs on about kitchen equipment but it really was a great present. GG

  11. CCU says:

    I know my mum would be so jealous of those gorgeous oils :D


  12. G’day GG! Love things different and unique!
    Thank you for in your kitchen, today I got to peak!
    Viewed as part of IMK
    Cheers! Joanne

  13. Hotly Spiced says:

    I love your coffee station. It must be wonderful to have an area designated just for coffee. I love my mortar and pestle – it’s very similar to yours. I use it all the time xx

    • GG says:

      It’s great having that extra area. I really couldn’t do without my pestle and mortar, in fact I have a really huge one for doing big salads and larger portions. It had a wooden pestle but is just as effective. GG

  14. After all this time, I finally get to peek into your kitchen! Would have expected nothing less, total glam. I am so glad to meet another person with a tea and coffee station…must be a British thing ;)
    My kitchen is horrendous, so I will not be taking part in these fun posts.


    • GG says:

      Thank you, I think the tea and coffee station must be a British thing judging by the number of comments about it. Some people just post things that are in their kitchen, like great produce or a new mini gadget. You can take part, I’d love to see what you post. GG

  15. I LOVE that painting above your very fabulous coffee station, it is gorgeous! Thanks for the peek into your kitchen :)

  16. Love your coffee and tea station! So fun to get a little peek into your kitchen.

  17. celia says:

    What a beautiful, glamorous kitchen you have! I LOVE your chickens on the wall and those fabulous dry rub tins! And I don’t think I’d manage without my Kenwood. Thanks so much for sharing your kitchen with us, please join in again! :)

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