Celebrate The World Cup! An Argentinian Parilla Style Steak And Chimichurri Sauce With Oxo Goodgrips

OXO Good Grips Instant Read Thermometer and Salad Dressing Shaker

OXO Good Grips Instant Read Thermometer and Salad Dressing Shaker

Reproducing food from a trip abroad can sometimes be challenging, especially when hard to find ingredients or complex ways of cooking are involved.  None of that when you cook Argentinian Parilla style, especially with the help of two great kitchen gadgets from OXO Good Grips. The new Salad Dressing Shaker allows you to fill to the measured marks and then shake all the ingredients together.  The easy pour and seal spout allows effortless serving and is great for storing  in the fridge.  The Instant Read Meat Thermometer really does take the guess work out of rare, medium, well done.  Just pop the end into the meat for an instant read out. Continue reading

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Nanaimo Bars For Canada Day

Canada Day

Celebrate Canada Day (Stock photo)

Imagine a refrigerator cake with a base of chocolate, nuts, butter, coconut and Digestives. Topped with a layer of vanilla buttercream, nostalgically flavoured with Bird’s custard  and then topped with chocolate ganache. Is it any wonder that the recipe for Nanaimo Bars, first recorded in the early 1950s in Nanaimo Canada, has barely changed?  Perfect for celebrating Canada Day on July 1st. Continue reading

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Wimbledon Inspired Strawberry Champagne Dessert

Rosé And Strawberry Champagne Jelly With Vanilla cheesecake Strawberries And Chantilly Cream

Rosé Champagne Jelly With Strawberries, Vanilla cheesecake And Chantilly Cream

Wimbledon holds a special place in the British summer even if you’re not a tennis fan.  Beforehand there’s much discussion, typically about the weather, with reminders of 1976 when the games were played in 90 degree heat.  Then there’s the boosting of any British players and the wishes that they’ll win, however likely or unlikely.  Talk of success, congratulations and dashed hopes and then there’s strawberries. Continue reading

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Picnic In The Park And Stuffed Roast Quail

Roasted Stuffed Quail With Salad

Roasted Stuffed Quail With Salad

I threw the blanket out in front of me, snapping it in the breath of wind, to make it lie flat on the freshly cut grass.  The mid summer day had been sticky and heavy, but a gentle evening breeze was cooling the London air.  At fourteen, this was the first open-air concert I’d been to at Kenwood House.  I knew nothing of the previous owner Lord Mansfield and his niece Dido who is now the Heroine of the film Belle. Continue reading

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Keeping A Travel Notebook

Keep Your Travel memories fresh

Keep Your Travel memories fresh

Do you go on trips, have an amazing time full of lots of new experience that you’re sure you’ll never forget and 6 months later, it’s all faded?  I got into the habit of carrying a note book when I studied fashion at Uni.  It was important to be sketching all the time and to remember what I saw when I was shopping, have somewhere to stick fabric swatches, bits of colour that were interesting and the business cards of contacts and suppliers. Continue reading

Dulce De Leche Banana Brownies

Dulche De Leche Banana Chocolate brownies

Dulche De Leche Banana Chocolate brownies

I love cooking with chocolate, although to be fair, I’m more of a fan of dark chocolate than any other.  Mr Glam and The Glam Teens/20 somethings all favour white chocolate and sometimes this causes a dilemma – to go over board sweet or dark and sultry.  Even I can’t eat a whole chocolate cake or dessert.  So the white chocolate usually wins out.  But I’ve discovered a mid way solution. Continue reading

Elderflower And Pomegranate Cordial

Elderflowers In The Hedgerow

Elderflowers In The Hedgerow

Campions and wild carrots are in full bloom in the long grass, daisies stride across our lawn and the wild cherries burst in brilliant red from the trees.  Dog roses bob gently in the breeze, curling in and out of the honeysuckle.  The gentle fragrance of elderflowers wafts up the lane as the warmth of the sun releases the scent of summer.  This is what you bottle when you make elderflower cordial. Continue reading

Rio Street Food

Acarje With Shrimp And Tomatoes from a street vendor in Rio

Acarje With Shrimp And Tomatoes

I was spellbound by the women behind the busy street stand, hair bound in headscarves and with hooped skirts, pounding a huge paddle into a bucket of batter made from black eyed peas.  The pounding was constant and then suddenly the paddle was lifted and a dollop of  white sticky dough was dropped into the boiling orange Dende oil (palm oil).  The batter floating on the surface turned a beautiful deep golden colour as it crisped and took on the flavour of the oil, then like canoes in white water, they were all flipped over and the transformation began again. Continue reading

Silent Sunday 8th June 2014

Brazilian Chillis
Silent Sunday

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Fish Stew Rio Style (Moqueca)

Fish Stew Rio Style

Fish Stew Rio Style

The spray from the waves crashing onto the sand sweeps a haze across the distant beach.  Lights flicker lazily, on and off in the hills, as the mist shifts, wafting the tang of ozone and salt as it dances across the sand.  A drummer beats out a samba rhythm on a homemade drum as he sways between the restaurant tables, smiling and gently humming as he goes.  The surfers, burnished muscles rippling, come and go, wet suits turned down at the waist, boards nonchalantly slung under one arm.  This is Ipanema!  This is Rio! Continue reading