Paris Cafe

Top Ten Tips To See Paris Like A Parisian

You’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, climbed the steps of Monmatre and shopped in Gallerie Lafayette, all the tourist destinations that are a must see in Paris.  Now it’s time to kick back a little, take a breath and see Paris like a Parisian. Here are ten top tips to enjoy your time in Paris like…

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Cheese & Chilli Tortilla Chips

Easy Tortilla Chips

I struggle with tortilla wraps, not because I don’t like them, but inevitably there’s a bunched up clod of thick tortilla that is neither tasty or particularly digestible, that is essential to keeping the contents inside the wrap.   But wraps aren’t the only way to eat tortillas.  Think of ultra thin crispy triangles, golden…

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Rich, Dark, Spicy Chilli Con Carne

Chilli Con Carne

I don’t remember when I first had Chilli Con Carne.  It certainly wasn’t whilst growing up, as there were only two dishes made with mince in our household – Mince with oats and vegetables, a rich, creamy comforting dish and Curry, made with curry powder, sultanas and occasionally pineapple, a typical seventies concoction.  At the…

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A Forkfull Of Canapés

Top Tips To Be Canapé Queen

The thought of having to make canapés can leave even the most competent cook cowering in the corner.  It looks fiddly and the thought of all those tiny neat ingredients waiting to be lined up and sent out Masterchef fashion, can be daunting.  Be brave.  Ditch the well fingered peanuts, the dodgy crisps and dips and…

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