Twelve Lords A Leaping

12 Lords A Leaping

Christmas isn’t Christmas without the copious elements that make delicious luxury snacks.  Left over turkey or goose,  christmas pudding that can be fried and served as a completely new dessert or left over roast potatoes and sprouts for a delicious bubble and squeek – fantastic day after the night before food.  The one snack food that spells Christmas, but isn’t ‘a left-over’, is smoked salmon.

Raw Salmon Waiting To Be Cured

My Lords A Leaping is – Salmon.  For some, the King of fish and of course, they leap up river to spawn.  Any dish was going to be a stretch!  Gravadlax was always served at those Christmas Eve parties; usually made at home with a sense of ceremony, rather than bought.  For a change, I made Jamie Oliver’s beetroot cured salmon, partly because of the wonderful deep red colour the beetroot gives the fish, as well as a very slightly earthy flavour.  It was a good experiment although, I would use a little more sugar if I made it again.  This is a confection of grated beetroot, dill, vodka, salt and sugar.  A delicious concotion that creates the ruby and pink firm fleshed fish ready to serve on blinis with a dill, mustard and cream sauce.

Sliced Cured Salmon

For those of you who have followed all or some of the 12 days dishes you will know that it all began with flicking through Delicious Magazine and seeing the 7 Swans A Swimming. I was convinced I could create a dish for each day of the 12 Day of Christmas song and this is the final dish.  It’s been great blogging every day and following all your comments.  So for one last time:

A very merry Christmas and happy holiday to you all.

Beetroot Cured Salmon Canapes

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    • says

      We will be eating the salmon canapes before our 3 bird roast tonight, a pheasant inside a turkey inside a goose. Delicious! A very merry Christmas to you too!

  1. says

    This cured salmon looks so impressive it would suit any festive occasion. Curing with beetroot sounds very original.
    Congratulations for the 12 days “marathon”. I am very happy to have participated in this fascinating adventure. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!

    • says

      Thank you, now I have to think of a new challenge. But before that I need to do all the things I put off to cook the 12 days of Christmas! GG

  2. InTolerant Chef says

    What perfect reasoning! This is an incredible recipe and one I’ve made before, so very very yummy indeed!
    I hope you have a very Happy New Year with many fun foodie adventure to come!

    • says

      If I’d realised how easy it was I would have made it ages ago. Now I’m going to have a go at playing with the recipe to try some variations out. Any ideas? Happy New Year to you too! GG

    • says

      I hadn’t realised how fabulous the colours come out when it’s done. It does look quite impressive for very little effort. GG

  3. says

    You could try Asian flavors next, with shredded kaffir lime leaves, coriander, splash of ginger wine, and some chili. Or Japanese with sake and wasabi and daikon could be nice too. Good luck!

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