Putting The Trashcan On The Venison

Trash Can Cooking

The lights were low, the wine flowed freely and the food was fabulous.  There were eight of us for a formal dinner at a wonderful winery in Niagara, when I overheard Michael Olson explaining the principles of trash can cooking.  This is a man who knows his grilling, I couldn’t resist the explanation, “You just…

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Stack Of Seeded Crispbread

Scandi Style Seeded Crispbread

Crispbread can make you think of dull diet fodder, reminiscent of corrugated cardboard and only willpower makes you crunch your way through it.  However when you make your own, you have a wonderful thin crispy wafer that can be flavoured with whatever you have in the cupboard.  Herbs, garlic, flaxseeds, Paprika, cheese or any twist…

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AnnaAnd Michael Olson Tasting the chutneys

Homemade Chutneys- Beetroot Chutney

Homemade chutneys are firmly fixed in memories of my childhood, The pop of the lid when you open the fresh pot, The tang of the vinegar as the fruits and vegetables are cooking and the anticipation as the jars are hidden away in a dark cupboard for three weeks until the flavours have matured, the…

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Tear and Share Antipasti Bread

Tear And Share Garlic Antipasti bread

Bread is such a wonderful thing, a few grams of flour, some yeast, salt and water and you have life’s sustenance.  Get your hands in, mix it, squeeze it, knead it and you have a hand crafted loaf, so much easier than needlepoint or dressmaking and yet I still only make bread occasionally.  As it…

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