Salad of griddles vegetables With An Asian Dressing

Griddled Vegetables With Asian Dressing

If the summer weather isn’t quite up to scratch and you were planning on a barbecue until the weather turned. How about bringing the barbecue inside with Baby Griddled Vegetables With An Asian Dressing?  Full of smoky flavours, a hint of chilli in the dressing and bright summer tastes and colours to brighten the dullest day.  If…

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Life Sized Models Of Diego Maradona, Eva Peron, Carlos Gardel

La Boca Buenos Aires

As we sauntered unsteadily along the cobblestone streets of La Boca Buenos Aires, dodging our way between enthusiastic restaurant spruikers and staring at the full sized models of famous people on the balconies above our heads, I half expected to find an Argentinian Mickey Mouse and friends parading along the street. La Boca is unreal,…

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Baguette stuffed With Spinach, brie, Chorizo And Tomato

Brie, Spinach, Tomato & Chorizo Baguette

Quick lunches or light snacks can often get really repetitive.  A sandwich, unless planned in advance, can be a bit dull and there’s only so many times scrambled eggs will fit the bill.  The great thing about this dish is that most of the ingredients are in every kitchen.  Fresh eggs, a little cream and…

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Sparkling Rhubarb Cordial With Mint

Time In A Bottle – Rhubarb Cordial

Sipping a homemade cordial, fragrant with summer memories is preserving perfection. Both flavour and smell instantly evoke a day, a place, even – a moment, the memories flooding back, like keeping time in a bottle.  A trip to the market in late spring early summer would inevitably result in my mother buying huge bunches of rhubarb.  Great thick…

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