Silent Sunday – Langres Cows Cheese

Langres Cows Cheese From Troyes France

Langres Cows Cheese From Troyes France

Silent Sunday

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20 Responses to Silent Sunday – Langres Cows Cheese

  1. Dear GG,

    French cheese!! Next best thing to French butter!

  2. I’m a full-time cheese lover – where do I sign up?

  3. Have you ever been to Neal’s Yard? If not, I think you would love it. Hope you are having a great weekend.
    *kisses* Heavenly

    • GG says:

      Not for a long time. I used to go to the actual Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden, but the last time I went was to the Borough Market Neal’s Yard. GG xx

  4. I’m sure you’ve seen my list of top 10 foods. Truffles, now Langres cheese. I guess it’ll be chips next week?

  5. Ooh I could imagine just eating this on its own! :D

  6. Krista says:

    Ohhh, that looks amazing and SO inspiring! Makes me want to dash off to Europe on the next available plane. :-)

  7. If I can wrap half of those for my OH, he would be one happy bunny.

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